White Ball Black Night

White Ball, Black Night



Moon is emerging,

It’s face is opening up,

Silky clouds spread

Wings, reveal powder, 

Dust, then smile.


Moon speaks to the night,

Turning a day that floats

Like a bubble atop

Firmament below,

Dust me your smile.


You hide your face,

Again, and stretch 

Your line below to

Pull me up, atop the

Night into day.


All hail, dear moon!

Oh pearl of the night,

To gain your mystery

I must float atop,

Wings open, beaming.


Round ribs breathe,

Deeply and my heart 

Pumps its stream, 

Into rivers of my

Thought, Universe.


I see you looking 

At me with your eye,

I look at you, my eye,

Open then closed,

We wink knowledge.


The other connecting

Bands of light bright,

Peeking into me, you,

I see you going so far,

Take me with you.


Moon you are gone,

Your bow glowing

Round your misty

Spray, with fingers

Stretching, etching.


You are gone

Gone, but smile

And will return,

Like the promise 

Of a tomorrow.


Sliver your pride,

Oh, moon silver

And bright...

Good Night,

Good Morning!


My world awakens,

And my grateful

Heart smiles,

At the thought,

You are there for me!


Oh ball of beauty,

White flash of light,

Sky bound trailing,

Stars pulling wagons,

Of thought about you.


Tiptoe gently, 

Oh, Soulful one, 

My Heart is near,

And only you, my light,

Can console me!


Gently as daybreak’s 

Silent morn,

Strikes again,

Awake to the 

Message, dear!






aka: Turquoise Cross