Snow Place Like Tome

Drop your rigid, 

Now weeping, 

Drip of self, please!

Boldly proclaim,




A shelf of life...

Dribbles of time... 

In droplets...

An icy refrain...


Doesn't one sense...


Sharpened awareness?

Interstellar remains?


You say, "No,

Just snow!"

But, I say,

"Frozen tundras,

Permeate the plains!"


You say,

"I am but a cold droplet,

I am yet, un-stiffened,

Shape me, awkwardly...

But, not like frigid rain!"


I say,

"Ahhh, yes!

Old man winter,

Reaches for his

Old man cane!"


Ever snow seeks to find it's own soft space.

Buffeted by wind and whistling vortex...

Ever snow seeks to know it's place!

Rain, ice, wind complex...


After all, we have traced...

T'is snow!


Softly, T'is snow that remains! 

Snow on the plains...

Till rain reigns..

The reign of snow!



In lovely







aka: Turquoise Cross