Gaiety Pranced On

I caught a glimpse of the children, out the corner of my eye! They were still and breath-less, as if  wilderness had passed them by. Pressed and molded at birth, cement grounding their feet...I caught a glimpse of the children, out the corner of my eye!

A basket of fruit, a flower at the waist, the children were poised in rapture. I can not say when, nor how long, they’d stood...and still, I can not say, hereafter. An eternity will pass, as I stare at their sweet silent mirth! Sweaty curls, plastered upon their heads, brows dancing, frozen upon their faces. Little did I ever think, joy could be...

Cement encased laughter!

Forever there smiling, near the garden gate. A silent repass to soothe my lonesome days...Those cement children are the remnants of some bliss I'll take, those moments in time, any place! I saw a twinkle captured, in their gazing eyes. I saw a bit of heaven, but not to my surprise. 

The song of willows whispering, broke my reveries. The light from dappled trees was I sipped a bit of tea! The gentle moments sat with me, for as long my heart could bear. The memory of the children’s sweetness...such a darling lovely pair…

Around the corner bush, a sudden excitement, arose...two little imps, welcomed their grandma with flowers in a basket and a pose. I caught a glimpse of those children out the corner of my eye. I caught a glimpse of their grandma, aglow with her surprise!

I dreamed a light hearted dream of summer days gone by, I felt the flush of angel wings, a butterfly kissed my eyes...I held my breath and listened, as the children laughed with glee. And closed my eyes to wonder, will my little ones visit me?

The moments passed into days, and the weeks and months went by, then my grandchildren danced and pranced and my heart was filled with joy! I see them in my dreams and praise the lord on high! Thank you for the tender kiss, that brought tears into my eyes.

Alone again at the garden gate, my cement children hold their pose...but my heart is ever hopeful, for days to come again, to scent me with some tiny rose… 

The willow whispers such sweetness, but only now and again...

Knowing that a grandma lives in twilight, holding in a flood of tears. She knows the little children aren't ever caught, 'cept the corner of her eye!  And the willow whispers comfort, when the gate swings closed, goodbye...

Accepted now with courage and hope it will again, open wide. The gate that swings both ways, brings me joy that swings me, up on high! 

A grandma’s heart is pierced and pierced yet again, with love and laughter, and fond reminders of the baby girls and boys!  Her lonesome heart will search for gifts, put into a basket...poised.

Alas, it is always grandma who will bring home a silver bell or a tiny toy! 


KM Schlarb

aka:  Turquoise Cross